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Visualising Data Stories
以數據圖像 說出深刻故事

We turn data into stories with images and animations designed for engagement and impact. A message is meaningful only if it can get across to the audience.


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PowerPoint presentations are often critized as a communication tool. Yet under the right hands, it could be a powerful tool to visually present complex data. Our expertise lies in telling your stories with simplicity and elegance, balanced with just the right visuals to catch the audiences' attention. We are happy to create reports based on your provided content or fix the styling issue of your current draft.

PowerPoint簡報雖然經常為人垢病,但問題往往是人而不是工具自身。配搭適當的運用,MS Office 足夠漂亮而精準地呈現複雜的數據。我們的專長在只需簡單的電腦軟件,就可以簡潔優雅的方式傳達訊息,並通過恰到好處的視覺效果來吸引觀眾的注意力。 我們很樂意根據客戶朋友提供的內容創建報告,或修復當前草稿的樣式問題。

Motion Graphics

Social media created more options for story-tellers, but also greatly shortended the attention span of audience. Motion graphics has become a popular new way to convey a message widely adopted by world-class media.



We turn boring and dull numbers into an eye-catching stories to captivate the audience. Our expertise in data analytics allow us to create data charts that are easy to undersatnd.


Training and Workshop 

Data visualization is important in today's misinformation chaos. Sharing our expertise, we are aspired to develop the field of data visualizaiton in Hong Kong. We do not only produce the best content to our partners, but also educate and lead them in the future creative journeys.​

處身今日資訊混沌的世界,我們深信資料視覺化(Data Visualization)的重要。除了自己製作圖像資訊,亦希望推動香港有關發展。我們樂意透過不過方法及媒體分享有關經驗及心得。同時希望為合作夥伴製作最好的內容之外,亦可以從根本協助他們掌握如何將數據化成故事。

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Technical Analysis 

We are invited to write a column for CUP Media - sharing our insights and expertise on the theory and practice of creating effective and engaging graphics and visualisations using real-world examples. We hope that our column will inspire and inform readers who are interested in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

我們受邀為 CUP Media 撰寫專欄 - 分享我們如何使用真實示例來展示數據,及背後的設計邏輯與理論。我們希望專欄能夠啟發對這個領域感興趣的讀者。

Contact Us

ExplainerHK is honored to be a trusted content creator and design partner of a range of selected news agencies, financial institutions, business associations, local podcasters and curators. We are always excited to explore new partnership opportunities. Give us a shout any time.


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