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About Us

We believe a data-driven mindset could help us make better decisions in today's misinformation chaos.

Unlike many other creative agencies, ExplainerHK entered the field of design with a diverse background and career in technology, engineering, political science and finance.

We are inspired by Professor Edward Tufte from Yale University who is a pioneer in data visualization and live by the idea that “the commonality between science and art is in trying to see profoundly”.


We are obsessed with analytical design - developing graphic strategies of seeing and showing meticulous data with structure and clarity.

ExplainerHK runs a project on Instagram to tell stories about local and international happening through bilingual infographics. ExplainerHK has a strong belief to popularize the data-driven mindset to the wider public by illustrating the data behind various topics from international issues to everyday entertainment news. In every piece of work, we aim to back up our observations and argument by numbers, while using a friendly, down-to-earth tone that most public would understand in a concise manner. Through organic growth, ExplainerHK attracted a quality readership of 10,000+ in less than a year. Our readers include news anchors, journalists, podcasters, celebrities and curators across various disciplines.




在香港專注從事資料視覺化(Data Visualization)的人員並不多,但我們受到耶魯大學教授 Edward Tufte 的啟發,相信科學與藝術的共同之處,都是注重發現和呈現。因此我們致力將邏輯和運算推理融入平面設計中,精準並清楚地表達數據背後意義。

我們在 Instagram 上開展了一個項目,通過中英雙語並用的數據圖像,講述在本地和國際間發生的故事。團隊期望透過中英雙語並用的數據圖像,客觀理性地分析我們身邊的大小事,並向公眾推廣數據為本的思維方式。ExplainerHK的使命是推廣數據思維,將數據考慮融入我們每天的選擇和決定。我們喜歡談論日常生活大小事,由娛樂新聞至國際事務,並透過貼地有趣的角度將數據呈現。通過自然增長,ExplainerHK 在不到一年的時間內吸引了 10,000 多名優質讀者。我們的讀者橫跨各個範疇,包括新聞主播、記者、意見領袖和策展人。

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